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Cultivating a Culture of Care in Your Organization

Virtual Event

RESET YOUR COMPASS for SKILLS with this fantastic presentation from Jen Marr! Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic brought unthinkable levels of isolation, our world was increasingly lonely, socially distanced, and hurting. Depression, loneliness, suicide rates and anxieties were on the rise. The pandemic and the resulting stress, fear and anxiety are putting society at an even greater risk and vulnerable ... Read More

C-Suite Panel

The City Club of Washington DC 555 13th St NW, Washington, DC, United States

In today’s fast-changing business environment, continual development and overall well-being are essential factors for employees. As a result, C-Suite executives are taking on a more involved role, particularly as their efforts relate to the five Executive Core Qualifications.  The Training Officers Consortium is excited to present a C-Suite panel, which will encompass chiefs working in both the federal and private ... Read More

Building a Whole-Person Workplace: A Workplace That Works for Everyone

Virtual Event

Supporting employees as whole people is the key to long-term, sustainable business success. Creating a Whole-Person Workplace helps you attract the best talent, who want to stay, become increasingly engaged, and then treat those you serve as whole people as well. Whether you are a leader, supervisor, business owner, or HR professional, The Whole-Person Workplace will help you develop ways ... Read More

Creative and Critical Thinking for Transformational Change

Virtual Event

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid rate and the future is not a linear extension of the past. To add value, leaders at all levels of government must change their approach to be more strategic in assessing risk, compliance, and performance by identifying transformational risks, opportunities and solutions that move organizations to a desired state. This session will ... Read More

Conscious Equity 2.0: Fostering a Connected Culture

The City Club of Washington DC 555 13th St NW, Washington, DC, United States

The challenges that face our society and the world impact relationships at work and take a toll on organizational culture. With the lack of guidance, it is an inevitable and expected outcome that external pressures permeate into internal organizational dynamics. Most leaders do not have the training or the capacity to navigate the growing number of sensitive issues that are ... Read More

Embracing the Winds of Change—Adjust Your Sails

Virtual Event

Are the changes in today’s world an opportunity for prosperity or a pain in the neck? Many leaders of today are struggling with how to direct change while benefiting from it. When it comes to change there are many challenges from how we get started, to how the change will be perceived by the public and embraced by your team. ... Read More

Web Based Training Development and Certification through a Credentialing Organization

The City Club of Washington DC 555 13th St NW, Washington, DC, United States

  This presentation addresses a government agency's need to solve the problem of travel fund limitations, yet the need for current audit and accounting professional learning to meet ongoing continuing professional education requirements. The solution was to create and deliver web based learning. In addition, the agency determined that the training need to meet certification requirements for accountants and auditors ... Read More

“The Head or Heart” Emotional Intelligence: A Critical Skill for Better Decision Making

Virtual Event

Research shows that emotional intelligence (EI) enables us to make effective decisions. Cornell University researchers found that individuals with higher EI picked up better on critical bodily signals and used that information to avoid risky decisions. In contrast, those with lower EI often didn’t notice these subtle bodily signals, and when they did pick up on these cues, they misinterpreted ... Read More

Another Seat at the Table: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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In recent years, the national dialogue and events have generated greater awareness of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion; this awakening has prompted necessary conversations that lead to shifts in behaviors to impact culture and ultimately, drive lasting change. It is imperative for leaders to articulate and take action to recognize and celebrate diversity, nurture a culture of inclusion, ... Read More