2020-2021 Professional Development Program

Each year the Training Officers Consortium offers a series of professional development events. The 2020-2021 Program Year will be a completely virtual year of learning, development, and networking. 

In addition to our already popular webinars, we are excited to introduce Symposiums and Roundtables to our Professional Development Program (PDP) this year. Check out a description of each event type and how you can register for them.

Our free one-hour webinars feature high-caliber presenters sharing their expertise on topics of interest. 

Check out all the webinars we have to offer this year. 

What is a PDP Symposium?

Our PDP Symposiums are new this year. Each 1.5 hour symposium will devote a majority of the program time to presentation from industry experts followed by an opportunity to deepen the learning of the topic through open discussion, break-out sessions, or activities. 

Check out all the Symposiums we have to offer this year. 

What is a PDP Rountable?

This year we are trying something new to follow our goal to expand our
professional development opportunities and deepen the learning in this
virtual environment. A Professional Development Program (PDP): Roundtable
is a series of events which take place once a week for four weeks.

Roundtable events will be offered in the following months.  

Week 1- Live Webinar

The first event in the series is a live, one-hour webinar led by subject matter experts to introduce the month’s topic.

Week 2- Practical Use

The second event in the series will provide information to implement what was learned in week one.

Week 3- Live Discussion

The third event in the series is a live panel discussion with selected experts to dive deeper into the topic.

Week 4- Bonus Content

The fourth event in the series will provide additional relevant content for reference.