Steve Dobberowsky
Officer- TOC Chair

I joined TOC because I had heard that it fostered community. I was new to the Federal service as well as new to adult learning, so I went to my first TOC Annual Institute. I thought I’d attend the sessions and go back to my room and do work. Apparently, I didn’t grasp the word community in TOC. In TOC’s world, it means: Networking, Collaborating, Socializing and Connecting groups of people who may not know each other, but are interested in helping everyone out. That’s why I joined TOC…and quite frankly, that’s why I stay in TOC!

Steve Dobberowsky is the Director of Strategy and Value Services at Cornerstone OnDemand.

Ellen Roderick
Officer- TOC Secretary

I joined TOC in 1979 initially for the connections I would make as a new Federal employee in the T&D field.  The connections it afforded me enhanced my career tremendously leading to promotions, enriching work challenges, and leadership skills beyond my wildest expectations.  I stayed in TOC for 42 years for the opportunity to “give back”, to “mentor others”, to help in keeping TOC the “gift that keeps on giving” to former, present, and future T&D colleagues.

Ellen Roderick is a retired Federal Training Director, serving on the TOC Board since 1988.

Jerry Bolling
Officer- TOC Treasurer

I joined TOC as an unconventional registrant because my entire federal service was in and around the financial community. However, before retiring from federal service, I received my doctorate degree in organizational leadership and recognized I wanted to transition my career from the financial community to the work of developing, engaging, leading, and training the federal workforce. In my new walk, I met a member of TOC who introduced the organization to me. In my short time with TOC, I served on two committees (Retention and Recruiting & 2022 Annual Institute - Program Chair).

Jerry Bolling is a retired federal employee of the Department of Labor.

Shanda Adams
Board Member

I joined TOC because I value the collective knowledge of our training and development community. In the years I have been a registrant and board member, I have increased my skillset and expanded my network, which have helped me grow in my career.

Shanda Adams is a current Federal employee with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Department of the Treasury) where she serves as Leadership Development Specialist

Shawnree Baker
Board Member

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Mahatma Gandhi

I joined TOC to be able to network and learn new emerging trends in training and learning development. I enjoy the community and genuine connections.
What has always drawn me to TOC is that there isn't another organization like it. It truly is a community of practice with some of the greatest minds in training and learning development in the federal workspace. I feel privileged to be on the executive board of TOC as we navigate a new chapter post pandemic.

Shawnree L. Baker is the Business Development Manager, Federal Sector for Graduate School USA.

Lin Burton
Board Member

I have enjoyed TOC events and collaboration for well over a decade.  My journey began with sharing agency initiatives so warmly welcomed by this talented professional community.  This supportive and engaged collaboration has guided growth and increased awareness for trends and initiatives brought to the federal professionals I serve.  We have gained much experience and support through events and Annual Institutes attended in which I presented and led over my time in TOC.  I am honored to begin service on the TOC Executive Board with a personal goal to provide this crucial professional journey to young professionals in the federal training community.

Lin Burton serves as Chief Learning Officer (CLO) for the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Prison Industries (FPI), Washington, D.C.

Rhonda Carter
Board Member

I value TOC because of our vision: TOC believes in building a community. TOC registrants span multiple Federal agencies, professional industries, and academic institutions that come together to share ideas, recognize best practices, and learn from each other. For more than 20 years this organization has given me the opportunity to grow my leadership development skills through serving in multiple capacities from 2008 Program Chair for the Annual Institute to 2011 AI Vice Chair to 2012 Annual Institute Chair to leading this amazing group of federal learning leaders for 3 years from 2017-2020. The community in TOC has opened doors for me and placed me in the right palace at the right time to achieve my goals.  I have been abundantly blessed and have grown tremendously through my work in TOC as a registrant and as a member of the Executive Board.

Rhonda Carter is a current federal employee and a long-time TOC Board member.

Karen Hoffman
Board Member

“Be the person who makes others feel included and do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who YOU are.”

As a Human Resources Professional and current TOC Board member, I joined TOC to gain the requisite knowledge and skills to become a connoisseur-learning professional.  The camaraderie, network and knowledge afforded me limitless opportunities by learning from experts in Learning and Development professionals’ field.

Karen Hoffman is a current Federal employee with the Federal Trade Commission where she serves as the Lead, Training Officer and a Federal Coach to the federal workforce.

Laniera Jones
Board Member
2023 Annual Institute Chair

TOC has helped me expand my skills far beyond what I could have imagined. Even before becoming a Board Member, the professional development programs have always been an opportunity to learn innovative approaches. Learning from others has provided new and different insights that I have been able to take back to my Bureau and adapt for implementation. Having the point of contact within TOC has been instrumental - the TOC connection provides a necessary element in making these efforts successful through networking.

Laniera Jones is a current Federal employee with the Bureau of Economic Analysis (Department of Commerce) where she serves as the Training Officer.

Denise Madaras
Board Member
2023 Annual Institute Vice-Chair

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to join TOC in 2014 upon my return to the L&D industry after 10 years in education. As a leader in a business that shows the value of training, I can confidently say that TOC has provided immense value for those looking for growth and innovative learning in a caring community that shares goals and solutions.

Denise is Vice President of PTG International.

Gary C. Powell, EdD
Board Member

What I value about TOC today, is what drew me to it over a decade ago: the comradeship. Through TOC I’ve built much more than a network of contacts; I’ve formed genuine bonds with other likeminded L&D professionals with common aspirations. I value TOC’s uncanny ability to build a community of Federal training & development experts (and allies) who share a passion for continuous learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Finally, I value how through all of its programs — whether it’s a one hour-long webinar or a three-day Annual Institute — TOC provides an opportunity for me to build, connect and learn.

Gary C. Powell, EdD is a current Federal employee with Federal Emergency Management Agency where he serves as the FIMA Training Officer.