Officers (Elected by Board)

  • Rhonda Carter: TOC Chair
  • Ellen Roderick: TOC Secretary
  • Stephanie Campbell: TOC Treasurer
Committee Chairs (Appointed by TOC Chair)

  • Meg Bowman: Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention Chair
  • Steve Dobberowsky: Newsletter Editor
  • Claire Gudewich: Site Selection Co-Chair
  • Karen Hoffman: Administrator
  • Laniera Jones: Assistant Secretary; Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention Vice-Chair
  • Chris King: Chief Technologist; Recruitment, Marketing, and Retention Vice-Chair
  • Agnes Newman: Logistics Chair; Awards/Scholarship Co-Chair
  • Trina Petty: Professional Development Program Co-Chair
  • Bob Stacy: Assistant Treasurer; Site Selection Co-Chair
  • Diane Sutton: Awards/Scholarship Co-Chair; Historian
Annual Institute Chairs (Elected by Board)

  • Lin Burton: 2018 Institute Chair
  • Debra Burton Brown: 2018 Institute Vice-Chair