The Distinguished Service Awards Program was launched by the Training Officers Consortium in 1955 to stimulate improved government-sponsored training programs through recognition of individuals making significant contributions to the Federal training community in the field of human resource development (training, education, and development).

2018 TOC Distinguished Service Awards

Career Development: Supply Chain Management School (SCMS) Career Development Accomplishments
Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA)

Innovation: Continuous Leadership eXperience (CLX): Strengthening Your Leadership Journey
Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Leadership Development: Propel: A Launching Platform for Supervisors
Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport

Leadership Development: NIH Training Center Continuum of Leadership Development Programs
National Institutes of Health (NIH/HHS)

Learning Measurement and Analytics: Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Policies and Standards for Training Evaluation
U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute

Learning Technologies: Advanced Skills Management Navy Ordnance Enhancement
Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport

Training Design and Development: Program Management School, FAC-P/PM Senior Level Training Course Re-imagination
Veteran’s Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA)

Please join us at the June 12 TOC Professional Development Program meeting to meet the winners.

Eligibility: Nominated projects must have been completed within 18 months prior to the nomination deadline and have not been previously recognized by TOC.

Awards are given in the following categories:

  • Leadership Development: Presented to an individual, team or agency that has made significant accomplishments in leadership development. Leadership development can encompass any number of developmental processes including the following areas: individual development planning; executive, management and/or supervisory development; 360-degree assessment and feedback; succession planning; mentoring; and coaching.
  • Innovation:  Presented to an individual, team or agency for a creative new approach, training program or developmental activity that employs non-traditional methods, tools or technology to achieve desired performance outcomes.
  • Training Design and Development: Presented to an individual, team or agency that has made significant accomplishments in the design and development of a training program or curriculum.
  • Career Development: Presented to an individual, team or agency that has made significant accomplishments with focus on influencing a community of learning or helping individuals develop their professional skills and expertise.
  • Learning Measurement & Analytics: Presented to an individual, team or agency that has made significant accomplishments in implementing learning analysis process models and systems to measure learning interventions, program effectiveness and/or organizational outcomes.
  • Learning Technologies: Presented to an individual, team or agency that has developed an innovative, effective and user-friendly technology system for managing, tracking or delivering training or other learning activities.
  • Spencer Logan Award: The Spencer Logan Leadership Award is given to a senior trainer who has, throughout his or her career, made innovations in the field of Federal human resources development (i.e., Human Capital). The awardee has: (1) initiated actions that have had an impact beyond one’s organization; (2) contributed substantially to TOC; and (3) through one’s ethics, dedication and leadership, served as a role model for the training community.

Spencer Logan was a community leader from Annapolis and a Training Manager at the Department of Army at the Pentagon in the 1960s. He was Chair of TOC from 1970-71, served as the Annual Institute Chair, and remained an active TOC supporter throughout his life. He was an African American whose first love was working with Army Interns. Every intern had a special bond with him. Spencer Logan finished the last years of his federal career at the National Institutes of Health, and represented the best of what human resource development is all about. He was a role model, mentor, career coach and counselor to all who encountered him regardless of race, color or gender.

TOC Awards Committee

Co-Chair – Shanda Adams
Co-Chair – Dianne Sutton