The Training Officers Consortium, founded in 1938 in Washington, DC, is a nonprofit organization of federal trainers and other professionals from industry and academe who are interested in contributing to the knowledge and practice of human resources and training. Our members provide services and networking opportunities to the federal training community throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area as far south as Hampton, Virginia.

Since 1938, TOC has served as the primary meeting place for Federal training professionals to network with their peers and learn more about key issues affecting them in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

A Washington, DC, training program that offers federal workers unparalleled value, TOC is built upon a foundation of service and excellence, relying on the volunteerism of its members to carry out activities. Trainers, educators, and human resource development specialists serve as a resource to other trainers in departments, bureaus, agencies, and offices of the federal government. Training by TOC is authorized under the Government Employees Training Act.