TOC Learning Circles

Included in the TOC registration! TOC Learning Circles are groups of up to six L&D professionals who have similar skills and capabilities. These groups will meet biweekly to target further development among their circle members around relevant challenge areas and development opportunities. Each meeting will be targeted around specific capabilities.

Focus Areas

  • Week 1: Orientation
  • Weeks 2 - 4: Building Personal Accountability
  • Weeks 6 - 8: Developing Professional Capability
  • Weeks 10 - 12: Impacting Organizational Capability

Group Meeting Activities

  • Discuss challenges
  • Share accomplishments
  • Practice facilitation skills
  • Request feedback
  • Brainstorm solutions

By the end of the circles, you will be able to identify how you have worked to close your skill gaps and support other learning and development professionals. You will also be able to review your learning plan to determine additional areas of development. To Apply Pre-work is required to complete the registration process by creating a free ATD account or use your current one to complete ATD’s Talent Development Capability Model Self-Assessment. The assessment will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Once you complete the assessment, select “Build Your Own Path” to be taken to your assessment results. This information will be required for the Learning Circles application.

TOC is committed to offering premier professional development opportunities to its registrants, which include trainers, educators, learning executives, and human resource development specialists in the Federal government.

If you have any questions before submitting,  email us at