Another Seat at the Table: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

FREE Webinar

In recent years, the national dialogue and events have generated greater awareness of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion; this awakening has prompted necessary conversations that lead to shifts in behaviors to impact culture and ultimately, drive lasting change. It is imperative for leaders to articulate and take action to recognize and celebrate diversity, nurture a culture of inclusion, ... Read More

The Power of Practice: How Training Programs Can Use Experiential Learning to Achieve Proficiency Faster

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Professional football coaches know better than to simply hand a rookie the playbook and expect them to immediately become a productive member of the team. Yet many federal agencies do exactly this when onboarding new (or new-to career) employees. Join us online for a 30-minute roundtable discussion on how building a training program that incorporates practice, strength/weakness assessments, and experiential ... Read More

Success & The Dirty Dance of Diversity

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This webinar is FREE and open to ALL! Please share this opportunity with others. Are you getting the most out of those you work with and for? Do employees feel all alone in a room full of people? Are they invited to the party, but never asked to dance? And who exactly is responsible for the playlist?! Diversity alone is ... Read More

The Road to Equity: All Hands on Deck

Virtual Event

When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, leaders understand what it means and why it is important; however, the more challenging question is how: how do you to take action, ensure progress, and check for accountability? No matter where you are on the journey, our roadmap aims to set all stakeholders up for success as together we identify, implement, ... Read More

DEIA: From Strategic Plan to Plan in Action

Management Concepts, DC Training Center 919 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC

Join us for an engaging in-person experience.  During this event, participants will engage with learning leaders on how to move DEIA forward as an individual contributor, manager, or learning leader. Your agency should have a DEIA strategic plan for 2022 in place. Now what? How can you play an active role in implementing the plan? What ongoing support do you ... Read More

Let’s Get Social!

Graduate School USA 600 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC

  Let's get social with TOC and Graduate School USA! Join us for an evening of networking with light refreshments as we reconnect in-person. Graduate School USA, a TOC sponsor, is hosting an engaging networking social at their newly renovated Washington, DC office. Check out the new space, connect with TOC friends, and make new connections! We look forward to seeing you ... Read More

You’ve Gone Virtual, Now What?

Intentional Virtual Learning Series- Webinar

The year 2020 forced organizations to quickly pivot from face-to-face to virtual delivery. Some were prepared, most were not. Without having systems and procedures in place to effectively scale up, many found themselves scrambling to adapt. The year 2021 found organizations who did adapt to virtual delivery now struggle with lackluster learning due to inadequate design practices, non-skilled instructors, and ... Read More

A “SHOT” a Day Keeps the Help Desk Away

Intentional Virtual Learning Series- Webinar

Often employees leave formal trainings overwhelmed with too much information (TMI) or content overload. Then if not applied immediately, over 80% of that one-time-training is lost in less than a month. Simulations, if part of a formal training course, are rarely launched at the time of need. Additionally, virtual learning events suffer from ever waning attention spans, especially if they ... Read More

In-Person Interactive Workshop

ALX Community 201 N Union Street, Alexandria, VA

The Training Officers Consortium' main mission is to break down agency silos and bring training professionals together as a community to share and learn. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to work with experienced instructional designers and peers to find ways to improve virtual learning for your organization. Bring a project or training to this interactive workshop, learn from other ... Read More

Plain Language and the Future of the Federal Workforce

This interactive presentation is designed to help Federal professionals understand and use Plain Writing for more powerful, effective communication, which is the foundation for strong leadership, problem-solving, collaboration, team building, and change management. Course content will strengthen effectiveness as communicators and build both executive and fundamental competencies. Learning Objectives: • Plan and organize documents that connect with audiences and yield ... Read More