A Warm Welcome!


The TOC Executive Board is excited to welcome Shawnree Baker and Jerry Bolling to the Board! Shawnree is joining us to assist with general board responsibilities. Jerry Bolling has been elected to serve as our Treasurer

Read more about Shawnree and Jerry below!

Shawnree Baker

Shawnree Baker is a Business Development Manager at Graduate School USA.

“When I think back over my career, Zig Ziglar’s quote resonates with me – you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”, says Shawnree.

Shawnree enjoys helping people reach their professional and personal goals. Shawnree works as a training partner with her federal clients in successfully managing their training objectives. She looks forward to helping TOC navigate their new course post-Pandemic.

Shawnree became a TOC registrant in 2015 and was nominated to the Board of Directors in 2022. She has served on the Special Events committee and the Marketing and Recruitment Committee. Shawnree was first introduced to TOC through her mentor and supervisor, Al Tyree (TOC Spencer Logan Award
Recipient). She feels that TOC is a special community and has enjoyed the professional growth over the years. Shawnree enjoys connecting with the registrants and meeting new people at the TOC Events. Participating in the Annual Institute has always been a highlight of the registration for her.

Shawnree received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication form University of Maryland. She has completed her Project Management Certificate from Graduate School USA and is working on her PMI Certification. She enjoys spending quality with her children, Jordan and Madison. Shawnree is an avid road bike rider and loves traveling. She is also passionate about mental health wellness and has presented on topics for mental care advocacy.

Jerry Bolling

Jerry joined TOC as an unconventional registrant because his entire federal service was in and around the financial community. However, before retiring from federal service, Jerry received his doctorate degree in organizational leadership and recognized he wanted to transition his career from the financial community to the work of developing, engaging, leading, and training the federal workforce.

In his new walk, Jerry met a member of TOC who introduced the organization to him. In Jerry’s short time with TOC, he has served on two committees (Retention and Recruiting & 2022 Annual Institute – Program Chair).