#TOCAI24 Opening Keynote


On Monday, April 29, we are pleased to announce our TOC Annual Institute Opening Keynote, Joe Urbanski! Kick-off #TOCAI24 with us while Joe shares how to Transform Your Training Culture. Read more about this engaging session. Make sure you add it to your schedule too!

Transform Your Training Culture

Join this high-energy and enlightening workshop to explore how VPs, directors, and managers around the world are transforming their learning and development cultures to deliver uniquely engaging experiences from onboarding and training to engagement and meetings. We call it The Experience Development Framework™; you’ll call it your saving grace.

In the past 25 years, employee development has been nudged into the future with the Internet, Google, YouTube, smartphones, TikTok, COVID-19, and of course, AI. If your organization isn’t constantly rethinking the culture and strategy behind your people development practices, it’s time to get moving! Whether it’s onsite or online, this session introduces a framework for transforming your culture to generate lasting results.

This session will energize, engage, and empower you and your team to get out of your own way in order to stop practicing out-of-date strategies, sabotaging morale, and subduing your potential.

Joe Urbanski
COO & Org Culture Strategist, Total Solutions Group

About Joe

Joe Urbanski believes an Undeniable Culture™ inspires its people to unleash their best selves, take home more wins and less stress to their families, and create incredible value for the company, its customers, and community. For more than two decades, he has accelerated the Next Defining Moment™ for HR, talent, and training departments. With his extensive experience consulting and coaching 750+ executives and leaders, serving 400+ global organizations, and facilitating 800+ kickass trainings, strategic retreats, and leadership programs for 480,000 people, Joe has a remarkable understanding of how to transform the workplace experience from onboarding and training to engagement and leadership.

Joe’s clients primarily hire him as an extension of their senior teams to provide a fusion of strategic leadership counsel with management consulting in surprisingly simple and usually unconventional ways. As an Org Culture Strategist with the Total Solutions Group, he develops, documents, and deploys strategies and systems for culture-driven turnarounds and transformations and has had the honor of working with companies like Toyota, MidFlorida Credit Union, and Royal Caribbean. He delivers high-energy training that doesn’t just check a box, dynamic keynotes that energize your people for weeks, and on-demand coaching to connect the dots in between. As a master facilitator, trainer of trainers, and international keynote speaker, Joe’s outrageous energy, electrifying facilitation style, and animated storytelling are at the core of his appeal at events around the world. Get ready to have more fun and laughs than you expected!