TOC 65th Annual Distinguished Service Awards Ceremony

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Watch the recording. TOC is pleased to announce the 65th Annual Distinguished Service Awards Ceremony. The awards program was launched in 1955 to stimulate improved government-sponsored training programs through recognition of individuals, teams or agencies making significant contributions to the Federal training community. The 65th Annual Awards Ceremony was held virtually on September 15, 2020 from 12:00 p.m.- 1:30 p.m. … Read More

CLO Panel: The State of Federal Training

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A Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is the highest-ranking corporate officer in charge of learning management.  CLOs may be experts in corporate or personal training, with degrees in education, instructional design, business or similar fields. The TOC Professional Development Program on Tuesday, November 12, featured three Federal CLOs: Mark Kern, Federal Trade Commission Dustin Norwood, US Patent and Trade Office Suzannah … Read More

Webinar: 2019 TOC Distinguished Service Award Winner Series: NATO

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Click here to watch the recording. View all of the recent Distinguished Service Award winners on the TOC Award Winners page. This year, TOC was proud to award North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for its work on its development of the Protection of Civilians Virtual Reality Simulator. Its innovative development and design won the 2019 TOC’s Distinguished Service Award for Training … Read More

Webinar: 2018 TOC Distinguished Service Award Winners, where are they now?

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Webinar banner: 2018 TOC Award Winners, Where are they now

Click here to watch the recording. View all of the recent Distinguished Service Award winners on the TOC Award Winners page. TOC Awards Committee Co-Chair Shanda Adams discusses the various awards TOC gives to distinguished winners.  She’ll introduce you to four previous award winners and ask them to talk about their winning projects.  They will review their projects and give … Read More

Webinar: 2019 Annual Institute Preview

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Click here to watch the recording. Have you been to a conference and wondered what the sessions would be like? What if you could get a preview of some of the topics ahead of time? The 2019 TOC Annual Institute is upon us — 3 days of networking with peers and learning best practices, case studies, and tools available to … Read More

Not Enough Time, Too Much Technology, and No Real Relationships

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Have we thought much about time in the digital age? What about its impact on relationships? How about technology? Does tweeting, facebook, etc equate to face-to-face exchange? What about when you combine all three? Do they sum up to engagement? This engaging and dynamic session discusses the complex interplay of these dynamics on human behavior, trust, and compassion with practical … Read More

Webinar: Good Leadership, Great Government – Ideas & Strategies for Federal Leaders

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Click here to watch the recording. In order for agencies to ensure progress and reach evolving mission goals, professional development among leadership is imperative. The benefits of sustained leadership development are numerous, including improved job performance, increased employee engagement and enhanced workforce skills, to name a few. The Department of the Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of Currency’s innovative Continuous … Read More

Elevating Consciousness in the Nation’s Capital: A Local Experiment with Global Intention

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What can learning & development professionals do to create a flourishing workplace? Consider this: Complexity of the times we live in has increased- a higher level of consciousness is needed to address the current challenges 33% of the US Employees are engaged at work compared to 70%, which we find in the world’s best organizations 85% of adults worldwide are … Read More

Webinar: Confessions of a Millennial in the Federal Government

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  Click here to watch the recording. Click here to download the handout. [PDF] People tend to think selfies, Snapchat, Instagram, instant promotion expectations, constant need for feedback and immediacy when they think about millennials. There might be some research out there that supports some of those views. However, we also know that technology is having a big impact on … Read More

Inhouse or Outsourced? The Biggest Debate in Training

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Should training be done in-house or through contractors? What is the right answer? Organizations say: In-house is better because we have control Outsource is better because we save staff positions Outside suppliers say: In-house is better because we keep traditional clients. Ousource is better because it creates choice and new ideas. This will be a lively lunchtime Town Hall, with … Read More