How to Engage and Retain the Best and Brightest

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Click here to watch the recording. Click here to download the handout. [PDF] In order for the government to execute their mission and agency goals they need a staff that is inspired, innovative and empowered to do great work. So how do human resources professionals and hiring managers alike hire and retain the best and the brightest? How does government … Read More

Are You Ready to Lead?

Chris Webinar

Click here to watch the recording. Click here to download the speaker’s slides. [PPTX] Are you ready to accept the responsibility of a leadership position? This webinar will help participants answer this question. This will start with an overview of leadership and then a discussion of four major topics to help participants gauge their readiness. Topics covered include the importance … Read More

What Can Leaders Learn from a Cartoonist?

Chris Webinar

Click here to watch the recording. Click here to download the presenter’s slides. [PPTX] Have you ever thought that, as a trainer, you can learn something from a cartoonist? We’re going to explore that notion with the global best-selling author, humor columnist and national award-winning cartoonist – John Kolm! He is no stranger to TOC and is known to us … Read More

The Search for Yoda – My Mentor You Will Be?

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Click here to watch the recording. Note:  The recording is set for “Public” with a passcode of “TOC1” Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not—we all would benefit from having a mentor like Yoda. Yoda encouraged and supported, but pushed the young Jedi to be all they could be. He told them — “There is no try—there is … Read More

Conversational Essentials that Ignite SMILES: Succeed, Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Empower, and Shine

Chris Webinar

Click here to watch the recording.   Thanks to neuroscience research, we know that we possess numerous forms of intelligence. In addition to IQ, EQ, there’s C-IQ—Conversational Intelligence. Great conversations emerge from interactions where trust and shared purpose coexist. Think of conversations as the building blocks of relationships and organizational culture. Our ability to succeed, motivate, inspire, lead, empower, and … Read More