Not Enough Time, Too Much Technology, and No Real Relationships

Chris Professional Development Program

Have we thought much about time in the digital age? What about its impact on relationships? How about technology? Does tweeting, facebook, etc equate to face-to-face exchange? What about when you combine all three? Do they sum up to engagement? This engaging and dynamic session discusses the complex interplay of these dynamics on human behavior, trust, and compassion with practical … Read More

Brand You – For the Leader in You!

Chris Professional Development Program

Everyone wants a promotion sooner or later in their career. Lots of federal employees have become “content” on the job and really reduced themselves down to just the status quo. Why is it that some employees climb the ladder of success much faster than others? It’s not just about your resume or how well you interview anymore. Branding plays a … Read More

Connecting Strengths to Concrete Career Development

Chris Professional Development Program

In this session, Adelle J. Dantzler, M.S.Ed. will introduce to some and refresh others on Strengthsfinders 2.0 and how training professionals, especially in government, can use it to connect the strengths of workers to concrete ways to focus and develop their career plans. Using a collaborative approach, Adelle will use Strengthsfinders to explore innovative ways to focus an employee on … Read More

The State of the Congress and Political Impacts on the Federal Workforce in 2019 and Beyond

Chris Professional Development Program

2018 and the years leading up to it have created a very divisive and politically challenging environment for a number of Federal employees.  With shifting priorities, Agency consolidation recommendations, budget reductions, resignations of key senior administration officials coupled with a significant increase in departures of senior executive servants, Government employees find it sometimes difficult to remain focused on accomplishing their … Read More

Elevating Consciousness in the Nation’s Capital: A Local Experiment with Global Intention

Chris Professional Development Program

What can learning & development professionals do to create a flourishing workplace? Consider this: Complexity of the times we live in has increased- a higher level of consciousness is needed to address the current challenges 33% of the US Employees are engaged at work compared to 70%, which we find in the world’s best organizations 85% of adults worldwide are … Read More

Get Along Better with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere … Communicate, Cooperate, Connect

Chris Professional Development Program

According to Bill Sullivan of Agilent Technologies, “50% of all the obstacles to our success center around team dynamics. Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” In other words you can have the best plans, strategies and techniques, however if people aren’t working together as well as they can, or interpersonal and organizational communication in not up to par, teamwork suffers. The … Read More

Inhouse or Outsourced? The Biggest Debate in Training

Chris Professional Development Program

Should training be done in-house or through contractors? What is the right answer? Organizations say: In-house is better because we have control Outsource is better because we save staff positions Outside suppliers say: In-house is better because we keep traditional clients. Ousource is better because it creates choice and new ideas. This will be a lively lunchtime Town Hall, with … Read More

The Coaches Corner

Chris Professional Development Program

In today’s learning community, we all need a coach to help us unlock our potential to be the best we can be.  We need a coach to help us to learn rather than teach us how to learn.  Founder of “Coaches Corner,” Berri A. Wells, MS, CPC, will explain just how to do that. Berri is a master trainer, certified … Read More

Are You A Ten? Learn the Habits that Make Top Performers 3x More Valuable and ½x as Stressed

Chris Professional Development Program, Webinar

Click here to watch the recording. What does it means to be a ten—to be rated as a top performer by your boss. We predicted top performers would be rated as more valuable than average performers, and wanted to measure how much more valuable. We discovered top performers aren’t just a little bit more valuable. Managers say tens are three times more valuable than … Read More