Ten monthly lectures and workshops featuring specialists in human resource development, education, technology, economics, business, political science, and personal development.

TOC Professional Development Programs 2016-2017

Program Date Speaker Presentation Title Connection to Annual Institute Theme/Subthemes
 Sept 13 Ron Holloway

(Federal – FDIC)

Engaging the Disengaged Employee Employee Engagement

Competencies:  Developing Others, Human Capital Management

Oct 18 Jeff Vargas, CLO

(Federal – CFTC)

Cultivating Innovation from Within:  Teaching with Tools Internal Customer Service

Competencies:  Creativity and Innovation, Developing Others, Customer Service

Oct 25


Denise Madaras,

Eugene de Ribeaux

(Private – PTG)

Net Promoter Score: What Is That & It’s Importance to Training Evaluations Connecting HR & IT

Competencies:  Technology Management, Financial Management, Technical Credibility

Nov 8 Cameron Cozzensin

(Private – The Arbinger Institute)

Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset Leadership Development

Competencies:  Strategic Thinking, External Awareness, Developing Others

Dec 13 Panel: Tim Bowden, Moderator


  • Jason Briefel, Senior Executives Association;
  • Melinda Burks, Carl T. Rowan Chapter of Blacks In Government/State Dept;
  • Michael Dukes, US Dept of Agriculture;
  • Miguel J Aviles, Young Government Leaders/BLM;
  • Jovanka Balac, Young Government Leaders/GSA
    (Private Industry/Federal)
Developing the Next Generation Technology & Social Media

Competencies:  Technology Management, Accountability, Human Capital Management

Jan 10 Dr. Steve Friedman

(Federal – DOI)

Leadership Effectiveness Enhancement: Helping Leaders to Get Past Their Performance Plateau Strengthening the SES

Competencies:  Developing Others, Technical Credibility, Human Capital Management

Feb 14 Josh Huder, Ph.D.

(Private – The Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University)

The New Congress Political Awareness & Internal customer service

Competencies:  Political Savvy, Customer Service

Feb 28


Dianne Sutton

(Private – Sutton Enterprises)

Diversity (Respect & Inclusion) Diversity (Respect & Inclusion)

Competencies:  Leveraging Diversity, External Awareness

Mar 14 Deb Schweikert

(Federal – FDIC)

They Picked Who??? Employee Engagement & Internal Customer Service

Competencies:  Developing Others, Customer Service, Strategic Thinking

Apr 11 Mike Powell

(Private – Powell Consulting Group)

Making Networking Work for You Networking

Competencies:  External Awareness, Developing Others, Technical Credibility

May 9 GSA/DoD

(Federal – DoD)

Human Center Design (Learning Lab) Partnership

Competencies:  Human Capital Management, Decision Making, Creativity and Innovation

TIME: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Please be seated promptly at 11:45 a.m.PLACE: Fort Leslie J. McNair Officers’ Club. 4th Streets, S.W., Washington, D.C. For directions, click here. Note that the nearest Metro station is Waterfront on the Green Line, which is 1 mile from the Officers’ Club. Allow 20 minutes for the walk.

COST: $40 for 2017 – 2018 Professional Development Program registration.

TO RESERVE: If you have not registered for 2017 – 2018, call the TOC Information Line (202) 973-8683, or email info@trainingofficers.org to reserve a place for this month’s program.

PARKING: There is parking in the lot near the tennis court. Please do not park on the grass near the river unless directed by TOC Board members. If you arrive and see orange cones in the Officers Club parking lot, please feel free to move them and park.

REMINDER: Programs are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month except no programs are held in the months of July and August. When a Federal Holiday falls on the Monday before our regular meeting, our we meet on the second Wednesday of the month.

If you are not a holder of military or Federal government identification (CAC Card or PIV Card), you must complete a form for access to Ft. Meyer. See the information on this page for more information on how to do this.