Embracing L.O.V.E. at the Heart of Learning and Development

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As we approach the much-anticipated Annual Institute (AI24) in Philadelphia, it’s time to delve into the essence of this year’s theme: “Feeling the L.O.V.E. in the City of Brotherly Love”. The theme is not just a play on words; it’s a multifaceted approach to enhancing our roles as federal learning and development professionals.

  • L – Leadership Development

Leadership is not just about guiding others; it’s about continuous growth and learning. At AI24, we’ll explore innovative strategies for coaching, influencing, and developing leadership skills that resonate with the modern workforce. Sessions will offer actionable insights into strategies that foster a culture of continuous leadership development.

  • O – Optimization of Learning and Development Roles

The role of a training officer is ever evolving. AI24 offers the opportunity to focus on career planning and skill enhancement. Presenters will share tools and techniques to support personal and career development, ensuring that attendees are equipped to meet the demands of their roles and drive the success of their department, bureau, agency, or office.

  • V – Value (Measures of Success)

Understanding the impact of our training programs is crucial. This year, we’ll dive into the data behind training needs assessments, evaluations, and impact analysis. We’ll discuss how to measure ROI effectively and use workforce assessments to make informed decisions that add value to our agencies and stakeholders.

  • E – Engaging Technologies

The digital transformation has revolutionized how we learn. At AI24, expect to engage with the latest technical tools, Artificial Intelligence applications, e-learning platforms, and training management tools. These technologies are not just about staying current; they are about enhancing the learning experience and ensuring that our training is effective, accessible, and engaging.

The Power of Partnership

The journey to excellence is best traveled with partners. Collaborating with peers, industry experts, and technology providers can amplify our efforts and lead to more successful outcomes. Partnerships in the training journey can provide support, fresh perspectives, and resources that are otherwise unavailable. This year, we’re proud to highlight our platinum sponsor, Graduate School USA (GSUSA), a steadfast ally in federal workforce training. With a variety of training options like virtual instructor-led, OnDemand courses, cohort programs, and onsite training options, GSUSA exemplifies commitment to enhancing government performance and employee careers.

Heather Zink

Join Heather Zink, Senior Director of Learning Design at GSUSA, as she presents a transformative session titled “The Course Quality Matrix: A Blueprint for Assessing and Elevating Training Course Success.” This session will not only highlight the value of quality in training but also the importance of partnership in our continuous learning journey. Dive into the heart of learning and development challenges and discover a systematic approach to revitalizing your training courses. With the course quality matrix developed at GSUSA, you’ll gain the tools and insights to measure and enhance the effectiveness of your training initiatives.

Get ready to feel the L.O.V.E. and leave #TOCAI24 transformed, equipped, and inspired to take your learning and development to the next level. See you in Philadelphia!