The Fort Myer Officers Club (Patton Hall) is located at: 214 Jackson Avenue, Ft Myer, VA 22211.

The closest gate to Patton Hall is Wright Gate at the intersection of N Meade St. and N Marshall Dr. near Rosslyn. However, the gate is only accessible to those with DoD or federally-affiliated ID card holders (PIV or CAC Cards or the equivalent).

Anyone with a DoD or federally-affiliated ID card will be directed to Hatfield Gate — Washington Boulevard at South 2nd Street, Arlington, on the Fort Myer portion of the joint base; and Second Street Gate — 2nd Street, south of P Street on the Fort McNair portion of the joint base. If you had secured a Visitors Pass for Ft. McNair, this should also allow access to Ft. Myer and Patton Hall.

Note: There is no metro access to Joint Base Myer. The nearest Metro stop is the Rosslyn station, 0.6 miles from Wright Gate. The Officers Club is another 0.6 miles, or about a 15-20 Minute walk from Wright gate, so please plan accordingly.

Due to high security measures, Joint Base Myer follows the MDW protocol for access to the Installation. If you do NOT have a military or federal government identification card you MUST complete this form either ahead of time or at the Visitor Control Center in Building 415 to access the Officers Club. You can complete the first 3 pages of the form and indicate the sponsor as the Ft. Myer Officers Club (Patton Hall), Helena Hollow Naf. Her contact information is 703.524.0200, You may contact her for additional information if needed. Please arrive 1/2 hour to 45 minutes in advance to complete the process and get your visitors parking pass.

More information about these enhanced access control procedures can be found on the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall website.

A frequently asked question:
As a non-DoD-affiliated visitor, what information do I need to pre-register/register?
You will need to present a valid driver’s license or other valid government identification and a completed request for access to Ft. Myer.

Important: As detailed in the Real ID Act of 2005, driver’s licenses and identification cards from Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Washington and the territory of American Samoa currently do not meet federal regulations and cannot be used as primary forms of ID for base access. If you have an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) from Minnesota or Washington, this type of drivers license is an acceptable form of ID. Please check to see if your license denotes whether it is an EDL.

Fort Myer is an DoD installation and will require positive identification to enter the facility unless you have a military decal on your vehicle. Depending on the current security procedures be prepared to provide identification and be given a visitor pass for your time at the Officers’ Club.

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