Hack Your Box for 2022 and Beyond!


If there was ever a time when the world needs to think out of the box, it is most certainly now! “Think out of the box” is a common phrase used to encourage creativity or new thinking. But what exactly is “the box”? And how do you think outside it? Thinking IN the box isn’t inherently bad. It’s unconscious patterns … Read More

Solidarity Against AAPI Hate


Statement from the Training Officers Consortium Board of Directors We, the Board of Directors of the Training Officers Consortium (TOC), the training professionals of the Government training community, stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander members, partners, and allies.Over the past year our nation has seen a rise in racially motivated hate crimes against our Asian neighbors, … Read More

2021 Annual Institute


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Join us for our Annual Institute, an exciting 3-day conference and community-building event. More details to come.

Take Control by Cultivating Intentional Culture


Looking for a way to tune up your team? Know the best way to make things stick when culture needs to evolve and change? In today’s forced-virtual world, it’s more important than ever for a leader to take control of culture rather than to be controlled by culture. You need a deliberate approach to crafting a solid, actionable, and intentional … Read More

Loving and Laughing Your Way to Leadership


What’s missing with popular leadership models and frameworks? We’re facing a landscape of federal agencies that are constantly changing – artificial intelligence, five generations in the workplace, and matrixed organizations, to name a few. Leadership models will change. New variables, fancy graphics, and complex frameworks will be introduced every year. It’s guaranteed. But one thing will never change – the … Read More

February Roundtable Series: Creating a Coaching Culture- Part 3- Live Panel Q&A


Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from four heavy hitters in the Coaching Community. On February 16, 2021 from 1:00-2:00 pm EST we will host a live panel question and answer session with… Alan Myers, Founder and Director of the Federal Internal Coach Training Program Marykate Dougherty, Director of the Treasury Executive Institute Alan Fine, Founder and President of InsideOut … Read More

TOC Community Event


Network with us February 18th at 5 PM! Join us for another networking session with TOC. On February 18th, we will connect to chat and participate in Black History Month Trivia! We cannot wait to connect. Get ready for some fun! Register here.

February Roundtable Series- Creating a Coaching Culture- Part 2- Practical Use


KEEP THE GEARS MOVING! In order to support real-world application, you’ll receive additional materials and resources to DEEPEN your learning and put your coaching to practical use. You will receive an email with a link to all the resources we have for you but you can also join us on February 9, 2021 from 1:00-1:30 pm EST for an open … Read More

February Roundtable Series: Creating a Coaching Culture- Part 1- Live Webinar


Alan Myers, a Senior Instructional Designer at FDA and a Professional Certified Coach, combined his love of learning with his love of coaching to spearhead an effort to foster a culture of coaching across the Government. Alan pursued his vision of providing no cost coach training to create a cadre of effective and competent coaches across the Federal landscape. The … Read More