Webinar: Handling Prickly People with Care

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We all encounter Prickly People – those thorny individuals whose irritating, exasperating, enraging, tiresome behaviors can wreak havoc destroying productivity and peace of mind.  This session presents various ‘prickly profiles’ (e.g., buzzer bees, back-attackers, etc.) and offers a few tips and tricks for empowering yourself to get along, make things work better, and preserve your peace in the presence of … Read More

TOC Annual Awards Program

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Please join us as we honor this year’s TOC Award recipients. Find out how the top government training programs are accomplishing great things in Leadership Development, Innovations in Learning, Training Design and Development, Career Development, Learning Measurement and Analytics, and Learning Technology.

Webinar: Social Media Smarts: How Your Social Media Presence Impacts Your Professional Persona

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Between Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you may use social media everyday. But have you ever considered the impact of social media on your professional career? What does you social media post say about you and your point of view on life, career, politics and a myriad of other topics? Just like drinking responsibly in social public settings … Read More

Exploring the Four DiSC Styles of Behavior

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Internal clients and customers often report that conflict, misunderstandings and interpersonal difficulties take a toll. Training is an effective resource that helps individuals overcome these challenges. Additionally, having an understanding of the DiSC assessment will also help training officers andhuman resources professionals assist clients with navigating the sometimes, choppy communication waters. Astute Training Officers recognize the need to add value … Read More

TOC Annual Institute

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Register today to attend TOC’s Annual Institute, April 22-25 in Virginia Beach, VA

Are You A Ten? Learn the Habits that Make Top Performers 3x More Valuable and ½x as Stressed

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What does it means to be a ten—to be rated as a top performer by your boss. We predicted top performers would be rated as more valuable than average performers, and wanted to measure how much more valuable. We discovered top performers aren’t just a little bit more valuable. Managers say tens are three times more valuable than an average employee. But here is … Read More

Strong Program Choices Lead Annual Institute Agenda

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The TOC Annual Institute kicks off on April 22, and this year’s program is one of the strongest yet. TOCAI Chair Lin Burton asked for creative, engaging and topical presentations, and you responded! The Program Committee reviewed 76 proposals for Concurrent Sessions and Keynote sessions. Especially when competition is stiff, as it was in 2018, we thought it would be helpful … Read More

2018 Annual Institute Agenda

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The TOC Annual Institute offers more than 30 learning events and activities spread across three days, designed to help you Succeed, Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Empower, & Shine. Download a printable schedule and agenda. Sunday, April 22 2:00pm – 6:00pm                  Annual Institute Registration Desk Open 5:00pm – 6:00pm                  Logistics Volunteers Training Session (James Madison Room) 6:00pm – 8:00pm                  Welcome Reception and First-Timers … Read More

Webinar: Getting Ready for the Annual Institute: What Is a Tweet on Twitter?

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Register Here An understanding of the dos and don’ts of using social media at work is essential to every employee in every organization. An organization’s public image and reputation depend on how well it guides its employees to exercise good judgment when using social media, and on its ability to navigate the difficult situations that arise from social media interactions. While using social media … Read More

How FEI Strengthens ECQ’s: April Lunch and Learn Event

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***NOTE: Due to weather, this program was rescheduled to April 18, 2018*** TOC is experimenting with new ways to bring you more of what you need. After all, our mission is “To provide knowledge and networking forums for the Government learning community to build a highly skilled workforce.” To this end, TOC is proud to present our first Lunch and … Read More