The Road to Equity: All Hands on Deck


When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, leaders understand what it means and why it is important; however, the more challenging question is how: how do you to take action, ensure progress, and check for accountability? No matter where you are on the journey, our roadmap aims to set all stakeholders up for success as together we identify, implement, … Read More

Success & The Dirty Dance of Diversity


This webinar is FREE and open to ALL! Please share this opportunity with others. Are you getting the most out of those you work with and for? Do employees feel all alone in a room full of people? Are they invited to the party, but never asked to dance? And who exactly is responsible for the playlist?! Diversity alone is … Read More

The Power of Practice: How Training Programs Can Use Experiential Learning to Achieve Proficiency Faster


Professional football coaches know better than to simply hand a rookie the playbook and expect them to immediately become a productive member of the team. Yet many federal agencies do exactly this when onboarding new (or new-to career) employees. Join us online for a 30-minute roundtable discussion on how building a training program that incorporates practice, strength/weakness assessments, and experiential … Read More

Announcing the 2023 Annual Institute Theme

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We appreciate the 14 individuals who submitted creative, abstract, and seriously great theme ideas for the 2023 Annual Institute! There were so many good ones – it was certainly hard to choose! However, the Board was able to narrow it down to one winning idea: Catch the Wave! From Training to Transforming: How We Can More Profoundly Serve, submitted by … Read More

2023 “What’s our theme” Contest

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We are looking forward to coming back together in 2023 and hosting our Annual Institute in person in Ocean City, MD.  Each year we have a theme for our program year and Annual Institute, which we use as a basis to select our keynote speakers, inspire our presenters, and connect with our registrants. In the past our themes were determined … Read More

2022 – 2023 Registration Now Open!


Registration is now open for the 2022-2023 Program Year! We would love to see you join TOC again next year. There are some exciting changes to the programs we offer coming your way! Next year, we will host events on 3 topic themes. Each event will include: an introductory webinar an in-depth webinar hosted by an industry expert a 1/2-day … Read More

2022 Annual Institute Special Recognition

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During the Annual Institute’s dinner on Monday evening, we honored registrants who have made valuable contributions to TOC. What made this honor even more special is that we were able to do this during public service recognition week. DID YOU KNOW TOC is 100% planned, organized, and managed by volunteers?! We are so grateful to our volunteers for their commitment and … Read More

Web Based Training Development and Certification through a Credentialing Organization


  This presentation addresses a government agency’s need to solve the problem of travel fund limitations, yet the need for current audit and accounting professional learning to meet ongoing continuing professional education requirements. The solution was to create and deliver web based learning. In addition, the agency determined that the training need to meet certification requirements for accountants and auditors … Read More

Announcing the #TOCAI22 Closing Plenary!

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Nathalie Gregg

We are excited to announce the closing plenary speaker for the 2022 Annual Institute! You can follow Nathalie on social media channels @NathalieGregg and with the hashtag #LeadLoudly on Twitter. More information is coming soon on the Annual Institute and why you NEED to be there! Check out event details on the Annual Institute page.

Successful Women Leaders: Soft Skills = Hard Results


Are you a Manager – or a Transformational Leader? Are you leveraging your full potential? Substantial studies confirm that more women at the top means a better bottom line. Organizations are finally acknowledging they have an entire corps of underutilized talent whose value and contributions are both timely and needed. A ‘Transformational Woman Leader’ knows her worth and is willing … Read More