ATD features TOC’s Jim Pritchert


Jim Pritchert was awarded the 2018 Spender Logan Award at the end of TOC’s 2017-18 Program Year. Jim was recently in the news again – this time featured on the ATD Insights web collection in an insightful article highlighting Jim’s long and distinguished career. Read more about Jim’s love of learning and how he kept his professional skills sharp. What … Read More

MGM National Harbor: Leading Change in the DMV Area


In 2016, MGM National Harbor opened its doors in Prince George’s County and introduced a new industry to the local market.  This endeavor provided 4,000 new careers and required a robust HR plan to mass hire within a short window.  Logan Gaskill, Vice President of Human Resources led this project and successfully delivered on MGM’s commitment to creating opportunity for … Read More

Exploring the Four DiSC Styles of Behavior

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Internal clients and customers often report that conflict, misunderstandings and interpersonal difficulties take a toll. Training is an effective resource that helps individuals overcome these challenges. Additionally, having an understanding of the DiSC assessment will also help training officers andhuman resources professionals assist clients with navigating the sometimes, choppy communication waters. Astute Training Officers recognize the need to add value … Read More

The State of the Congress and Political Impacts on the Federal Workforce in 2019 and Beyond


With the swirl of headlines and the churn among senior political appointees across all Departments and Agencies, Government employees find it sometimes difficult to remain focused on accomplishing their work and striving towards achieving their agency’s mission.  Federal employees must remain apolitical at work, but certainly the changing political landscape can impact them in their day to day. 

Brand You – For the Leader in You!


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Everyone wants a promotion sooner or later in their career. Lots of federal employees have become “content” on the job and really reduced themselves down to just the status quo. Why is it that some employees climb the ladder of success much faster than others? It’s not just about your resume or how well you interview anymore. Branding plays a … Read More

Not Enough Time, Too Much Technology, and No Real Relationships


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Have we thought much about time in the digital age? What about its impact on relationships? How about technology? Does tweeting, facebook, etc equate to face-to-face exchange? What about when you combine all three? Do they sum up to engagement? This session discusses the complex interplay of these dynamics on human behavior, trust, and compassion with practical tips on how … Read More

Passing the Baton: Building Momentum in Your Trenches


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The burdens and blessings of leading (and following) are magnified during times of stress. How do you get your reports to take on more initiative and responsibility in the office and in their lives? Is the victim mode alive and well at your agency? According to Michael Maccoby, the people who will help you succeed aren’t all just like you … Read More