Discuss: Unlocking Modern Learning Technologies

Amy Neubelt

  Join us for an engaging 90-minute session that delves into the transformative world of modern learning technologies. In this dynamic exploration, we’ll introduce you to the latest advancements reshaping learning and development (L&D) and provide a glimpse into how these technologies are making learning more accessible, engaging, and effective. Potential Agenda: Introduction (10 minutes): Understand the impact of modern … Read More

And the #TOCAI24 Theme is…

LanieraTOCAI 2024, Uncategorized

Thank you to all who got creative and submitted a theme for our 2024 Annual Institute Theme Contest. There were many great options – it was so difficult to choose that we combined 2 winning ideas! We are happy to announce the winners of the theme contest for the AI, April 28 – May 1, 2024, are Wayne Ross and … Read More

Annual Institute Call for Proposals


Do you have experience and expertise that could benefit your colleagues? Why not share them with your peers as a presenter at TOC’s Annual Institute? We invite you to share with the TOC community your experiences, tools, skills, and insights on relevant topics in training and human capital in the federal government. The Annual Institute Program Committee invites you to … Read More

Deep Dive: L&D Measurement Mystery (In Person Event)

Amy Neubelt

  How do we measure training and learning’s contribution to human and business performance? Is there evidence for the impact of training? What are credible facts for learning effectiveness? These are difficult questions to answer but difficult does not mean impossible. There is an answer! Join Kevin M. Yates, the L&D Detective, as he solves a measurement mystery. Working alongside … Read More

Discuss: Playful Pathways: A Game-Based Approach for Team Excellence

Amy Neubelt

  Regardless of sector or industry, building cohesive and high-performing teams sits high on the list of training and development priorities. So how can boost our training programs’ efficacy toward enhancing essential interpersonal skills? Surprisingly, games serve as an ideal tool for experiential learning because they foster stronger connections and allow teams to practice communication and collaboration skills! In this … Read More

Discover: Meet Their Needs: Ensuring Your Training Program is Fit-for-Purpose

Amy Neubelt

  Training programs serve the critical role of enabling successful performance of people and teams, to provide critical services. The wide range of services offered to the varied types of people being served, means that the training programs themselves cannot be one-size-fits-all. Varying levels of complexity, budgets, personnel and resources available requires Learning Professionals to make adjustments in order to … Read More

L&D Pro Academy Informational Session

Amy Neubelt

The L&D Pro Academy is a mixture of self-paced work and collaboration with instructors and your fellow learners. We know the challenges of changing careers or being early in your L&D journey. During this program you will enjoy: 8 asynchronous sessions and feedback from expert practitioners Live virtual facilitated sessions Access to “Ask the Expert” Office Hours Access to a … Read More

Deep Dive: Augmenting the Trainer’s Toolkit: An Introduction to AI-Enabled, No-Code App Development for Training Development and Delivery (In Person Event)

Amy Neubelt

  Join us for this cutting-edge, ninety-minute workshop explicitly designed for forward-thinking trainers. Dr. Bill Brantley will guide you using AI (artificial intelligence) and no-code app development platforms to streamline and enhance your training processes. The workshop will explore how these technological advancements can create customized, interactive, and efficient learning experiences. We’ll cover app creation, AI integration, and real-world applications. Whether … Read More

Discover: Next-generation Learning Technologies that Help Turn SMEs into Creators

Amy Neubelt

Unlock the potential of next-generation learning technologies through this insightful and practical session, where we’ll explore the transformative power of combining learning science with GenAI. Discover how this synergy enables subject matter experts (SMEs) to rapidly transition into creative powerhouses, producing high-quality learning experiences with unprecedented efficiency. This session will highlight the practical applications of GenAI in generating compelling content, … Read More