2018 TOC Distinguished Service Awards Winners

Career Development Award Winner: Veterans Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA)
Program: Supply Chain Management School (SCMS) Career Development Accomplishments


VAAA training supports VA’s breakthrough priority to modernize the supply chain, which includes having a well-trained logistics & supply chain workforce to ensure facilities have what they need when they need it to care for Veterans.  SCMS conducted a gap analysis which identified a need for training on 4 high-priority gaps in supply chain management. SCMS collaborated with academia & VA SMEs to develop a comprehensive 3-level curriculum roadmap to address training gaps & developmental training. Implementation of the roadmap & curriculum resulted in SCMS training 4,930 students in the first 8 months of FY17, significantly exceeding the total number trained (576) in all of FY16 & contributing to VA’s breakthrough priority goals.

Innovation Award Winner: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury
Program: Continuous Leadership eXperience (CLX): Strengthening Your Leadership Journey


 CLX utilizes an innovative microlearning approach, sharing short bursts of learning over time to sustain engagement, reinforce effective leadership practices and enhance learning agility.  Monthly editions:

  • align to latest OCC initiatives, priorities, and guidance;
  • reinforce its robust and award-winning leadership curriculum;
  • build on OCC’s leadership competency framework;
  • offer 1-click access to highly curated book summaries, videos, & periodicals with top leadership experts.

Delivered using an innovative flexible calendar approach, managers are empowered with the flexibility to engage in CLX, when and where most convenient – timing is up to them! A new CLX website broadens access to ALL employees, as we lead at all levels!

Leadership DevelopmentAward Winner: Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport
Program: Propel: A Launching Platform for Supervisors


Propel is a five-day course provided to brand new, first-line supervisors across Warfare Center Divisions.  Aptly coined “a launching platform,” Propel provides an innovative, introductory level awareness of Warfare Center expectations for supervisors and aids in the transition to a supervisory mindset.  This pioneering course includes both practical leadership and supervisory skills, allowing students to leave the classroom with relevant and concrete tools for immediate implementation, including engaging their workforce, giving constructive feedback, managing misconduct, and staffing effective teams.  The course has an unprecedented ability to teach its students how to succeed using practical skills and tools.

Leadership DevelopmentAward Winner: National Institute of Health
Program: NIH Training Center Continuum of Leadership Development Programs


The NIH Training Center’s leadership development programs provide opportunities for professional growth and self-improvement.

These year-long programs use a competitive selection process and are designed to develop competencies, support career and succession planning, foster mentoring and knowledge transfer, and build strong interconnected networks across its 27 Institutes and Centers and between scientists and administrators, promoting the Agency mission of enhancing the health of all.

The Executive Leadership Program (ExLP), Executive Coaching, Senior Leadership Program (SLP), Mid-Level Leadership Program (MLP), and Management Seminar Series (MSS) curricula provide opportunities for all career levels from GS-7 through SES.

Learning Measurement and Analytics Award Winner: U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Institute
Program: Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Policies and Standards for Training Evaluation


The U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute (FSI) is the U.S. government’s premier foreign affairs training provider. FSI evaluation practices help ensure State Department personnel are ready to fulfill their critical mission responsibilities. FSI instituted polices and standards for training evaluation in 2016, and implemented guidelines in 2017. Evaluations are now systematic throughout FSI. All courses are evaluated at the satisfaction and learning levels and a sampling is evaluated for behavior and impact. Evaluators define evaluation questions, plan methods for answering those questions, and determine procedures for analyzing and reporting findings that lead to clear conclusions and recommendations for continuous improvement.

Learning Technologies Award Winner: Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division, Keyport
Program: Advanced Skills Management Navy Ordnance Enhancement


Advanced Skills Management (ASM) is a web-based, automated software training management tool designed to provide real-time tracking and management of technical training, qualifications, certifications and licenses. ASM currently supports over 200,000 users.  The ASM Team completed a 12- month software project for Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (NOSSA). The project customized the online ASM tool to allow for electronic Qualification/Certification management for the entire Navy Ordnance community.  The work was completed on time and under budget while delivering additional functionality beyond the scope of original project requirements due to efficiencies gained throughout the team’s agile software design/develop/test process.

Training Design and Development Award Winner: Veteran’s Affairs Acquisition Academy (VAAA)
Program: Program Management School, FAC-P/PM Senior Level Training Course Re-imagination


VAAA revised the senior-level course to meet increasing responsibilities of senior-level PMs who are managing more programs with higher dollar values with increased transparency. Utilizing the strengths of the ADDIE model & Agile development, the team reduced curriculum development costs & increased effectiveness & efficiency. Critical analysis & cross-government collaboration led to an improved learning path that minimizes classroom time. Working closely with PMs & supervisors, the team implemented a blended approach including an orientation webinar, readiness testing, asynchronous virtual learning & an intense face to face, experiential learning session. This curriculum redesign has strengthened the knowledge, skills and abilities of PMs.