The 2022 Annual Institute will be held in Wilmington, DE and we are in need of volunteers to help make the AI a success. The AI team has adopted a nautical twist on our theme “Reset Your Compass. Chart Your New Future” and would love to have YOU as part of our crew!

The volunteer opportunities are listed below but feel free to contact us at institute@trainingofficers.org if you would like to get more information before you submit your interest form.

Benefits of Volunteering: What’s In It For You!

GAIN NEW SKILLS: TOC is a strong community dedicated to supporting learning and development. You will be provided with training and guidance to ensure you are well prepared to perform the duties of the volunteer position you will fill. Therefore, previous experience is not required but knowledge sharing is always appreciated.

DEVELOP YOUR ECQs: Volunteer roles are an excellent way to expand on ECQs such as Building Coalitions, Leading Change and Results Driven. Bonus activities for your resume!

EXPAND YOUR NETWORK: You will be the point person for various aspects of the Annual Institute with opportunities to interact with tons of great people!

STRENGTHEN OUR TOC COMMUNITY: Giving back not only promotes personal growth but also helps grow our community. You make a difference!!

Volunteer Opportunity: Program Committee

The 2022 Annual Institute Crew is looking for four to six volunteers to join the Program Committee to select presenters for the Annual Institute along with becoming an onsite logistic coordinator during the concurrent AI “LIVE” sessions in May 2022.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the Program Committee volunteer opportunity, you must be able to attend the AI in person.

This is a very important volunteer position as you will be charting the course for the concurrent sessions and serving as the point of contact for presenters at the Annual Institute.

Responsibilities: Your participation would require approximately 30 hours of service for the dates and duties as shown below.

  • Between January 17th and February 4th (estimated 5 hours total)
    • Review incoming proposals for the 2022 AI sessions
    • Use a rubric to rate the proposals
    • Hold a robust discussion before selecting proposals
    • Select the final slate of presenters for the 2022 AI sessions
  • During the Annual Institute May 1-4 (estimated 20-25 hours)
    • Attend orientation and onsite walk through on May 1 (preferred by not required)
    • Serve as onsite speaker liaison for sessions (number of sessions will vary depending on the number of volunteers) to include:
      • Introducing the speaker before the presentation
      • Providing the speaker with “thank you” token after the presentation
      • Making announcement to participants to complete session survey

Interest forms for Program Committee Volunteers are due by November 17, 2021

Volunteer Opportunity: Technology Liaisons

In addition the the in person sessions, the Annual Institute will also provide online presentations. We are looking for volunteers to work with the hotel A/V team to ensure equipment is tested and functioning properly for the presenters. The tech liaisons will be asked to do test runs with presenters and troubleshoot issues with the hotel A/V team.

Note: There will be opportunities both onsite and virtual for these volunteer positions.

Responsibilities: Your participation would require approximately 15-20 hours of service during the Annual Institute dates of May 1-4th.

  • Attend orientation and onsite walk through on May 1 (preferred by not required)
  • Conduct test runs with presenters to check for functionality issues
  • Serve as producer for online presentations

Interest forms for Technical Liaison Volunteers are due by February 4, 2022

Volunteer Opportunity: Ad-Hoc

There is a lot of work that goes into a successful Annual Institute so we welcome any volunteer time you can give. We will have a multitude of ad-hoc opportunities such as working with our special events coordinator to engage participants and serving as microphone runners during Q&A.

Note: We are still identifying all the details and there may be opportunities both onsite and virtual for these volunteer positions.

Interest forms for Ad-Hoc Volunteers are due by March 31, 2022