Volunteers Needed

The 2022 Annual Institute will be held in Wilmington, DE and we are in need of volunteers to help make the AI a success.

The AI team has adopted a nautical twist on our theme “Reset Your Compass. Chart Your New Future” and would love to have YOU as part of our crew!

Benefits of Volunteering for the Annual Institute

What’s In It For You!

GAIN NEW SKILLS: TOC is a strong community dedicated to supporting learning and development. You will be provided with training and guidance to ensure you are well prepared to perform the duties of the volunteer position you will fill. Therefore, previous experience is not required but knowledge sharing is always appreciated.

DEVELOP YOUR ECQs: Volunteer roles are an excellent way to expand on ECQs such as Building Coalitions, Leading Change and Results Driven. Bonus activities for your resume!

EXPAND YOUR NETWORK: You will be the point person for various aspects of the Annual Institute with opportunities to interact with tons of great people!

STRENGTHEN OUR TOC COMMUNITY: Giving back not only promotes personal growth but also helps grow our community. You make a difference!!