Solidarity Against AAPI Hate


Statement from the Training Officers Consortium Board of Directors

We, the Board of Directors of the Training Officers Consortium (TOC), the training professionals of the Government training community, stand in solidarity with our Asian American and Pacific Islander members, partners, and allies.
Over the past year our nation has seen a rise in racially motivated hate crimes against our Asian neighbors, friends, colleagues, and community members. In recent weeks, harassment and physical violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders has escalated, including the most recent atrocities in Atlanta. The xenophobia that underlies these attacks on Asian friends is not new to us as a community alliance, but the pervasiveness of
it is. It cannot be tolerated and we must band together as diverse communities, as one nation and as Americans to fight back against such ugly and dangerous behavior.
The TOC is proud to continue our dedicated efforts in strengthening ties between our communities, our organizations and highlighting the power of our intersections. The time is now for us to stand as one unified community to demand action and declare together that discrimination, bigotry and violence against any fellow human being is wrong and will not be tolerated. The TOC stands in solidarity with all who believe, as we do, that we must #StopAAPIHate.