TOC Roundtable Series


The February Roundtable Series: Creating a Coaching Culture kicks off on February 2nd from 1-2pm ET with featured presenter, Alan Myers.

TOC is excited to introduce the Roundtable learning series with an interactive platform, PheedLoop. It offers the opportunity to network with your peers, explore exhibitors, chat with presenters, return to view saved content at a later date, and more!

We’ve opened up early access to the virtual event portal so you can login anytime using your email address and the password sent to you from “Creating a Coaching Culture” on January 26th.

Once logged in, we encourage you to update your Account so other event attendees can connect with you. Add your picture, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, website address, and change your password. Once you have set up your Account, it will be the one you use for all future TOC events hosted on the PheedLoop platform.

How to access the sessions:

  1. Go to the Virtual Event Portal
  2. Enter your Email Address
  3. Enter your Password
    (If you are unable to locate the email with your password, use “RESET PASSWORD” on the virtual event portal and you will be sent another password from PheedLoop.)