Pre-Institute Workshops at TOCAI19

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We are excited to pilot pre-Institute workshops for the 2019 Annual Institute. Our 80th year program theme continues as we are “Learning from our past. Leading into your future.” Join us for one of two free  workshops that will prepare you for your future.

We are offering these dynamic, in-depth learning opportunities as a pilot program to gauge your need for this kind of educational program. These workshops provide a deeper dive into your chosen topic, allowing for more engagement with the instructor and other participants. This is a chance to really expand your understanding of a topic that you and your peers said was important to your professional development.

If successful, our pilot program could improve the structure of TOC’s Professional Development Program. We are exploring the demand for and the impact of this style of learning event. Your participation in this pilot workshop not only benefits you, but also helps us determine the best way to “Learn from our past and lead into your future.”

Our workshops are brought to you by TOC Registrants Management Concepts and Graduate School USA.

Cultivating Motivation and Engagement

Workshop Description:
Leaders and supervisors are often tasked with ensuring that their employees are motivated and engaged. This can be a difficult endeavor for even the most experienced leader. Individuals are driven to work by a variety of internal and external factors that can change over time. For this reason, leaders must openly communicate with the members of their team to find out more about their individual needs. It also requires building a workplace environment that allows individuals to thrive based on their own motivations. In this workshop, we examine the behaviors and strategies that most reliably result in motivated and engaged employees.

Workshop Lessons:

1.     Inspiring Motivation

2.     Fostering Employee Engagement

More information and to register. (You must be registered to attend the 2019 Annual Institute in order to register for this workshop.)

Leading and Managing Change

Workshop Description:
Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help shape the future of your organization. Explore various tools for understanding and facilitating change, and strategies for managing and shaping change. Discover the endless possibilities to exercise true leadership.
Workshop Lessons:
• Develop strategies for moving through the stages of change
• Learn and reflect on the experience of change, and how we handle changes

More information and to register. (You must be registered to attend the 2019 Annual Institute in order to register for this workshop.)

These pilot workshops are open to all TOC Registrants free of additional charge. If you would like to come early to the Norfolk Waterside Marriott on Saturday to make sure you arrive on time for the workshop, you will be able to reserve the Saturday night stay under the TOC room block price of $94/night. Register today to participate in this pilot program!