February Professional Development Program Recap

ChrisECQ 4: Business Acumen, ECQ 5: Building Coalitions, Leadership Development

Josh Hudner photographDuring our Professional Development Program in February, we welcomed Josh Huder, Ph.D., to discuss the 115th Congress. Josh is a Senior Fellow at The Government Affairs Institute at Georgetown University, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating federal employees about Congress and its operation. Josh delivered a memorable talk about the realities of Congressional relations with the Executive Branch, and what we can expect out of the 115th Congress.

Earlier in the week, Josh was a guest on the “For Your Benefit” segment of Federal News Radio. If you missed the February TOC Program, ¬†you can hear Josh talk about the same topics on the recording of this Federal News Radio segment: http://federalnewsradio.com/for-your-benefit/2017/02/what-to-expect-during-the-115th-congress/